The Crystals

The Crystals

When Phil Spector discovered The Crystals, not one was yet out of high school. Their first recording, There’s No Other (Like My Baby)  was also their first hit which catapulted them straight to the “Apollo” theatre. They continued their successful recordings with five more TOP TEN records: “Uptown”, “He’s A Rebel”, “He’s Sure The Boy I Love”, “Da Doo Ron Ron”,  and “Then He Kissed Me”. Two of the TOP 50 most popular records in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame belong to The Crystals. The group has scaled from five members to three. The Crystals now consist of Dee Dee Kenniebrew, who was there from the very first recording, Patricia Pritchett-Lewis and MelSoulTree.

Meet The Crystals!

Dee Dee started singing professionally at age 15 with The Crystals, honing her craft while working and watching acts like “Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, Dionne Warwick, The Commodores,” and many others. Dee Dee went to school with Gregory Hines, Patty Duke, and Bernadette Peters among other stars .

While the original girls left one by one in the sixties for various personal reasons and other pursuits, she has carried on The Crystals all the way into the new millennium. “I hung in for the fans that have stuck with me through the years. Fans whom I promised that as long as they wanted to hear the songs, I would not stop singing them”. I appreciate them so much. We’ve had over 40 years together now”! “I’ve managed to acquire a whole lot of new fans during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s as well; and that …..I just love!

Pat has been blessed with one of the finest gifts of live showmanship seen in a long time. The fact that she acts only enhances her ability. You might see her in an episode of “Law and Order”, “One Life To Live”, “As the World Turns” or “Saturday Night Live.” If you are a patron of the theater arts you might have seen her in “Invisible Fences” ( Staged Reading-Lark Theatre), “Truth” (Staged Screenplay- Inter-borough Repertory Theatre), “Having Our Say”, (Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse), “In The Upper Room”, (Symphony Space), “Black Nativity, “Brown Women Who Fly”, Henry Street Settlement) or on the national tour with Theatre works U.S.A. The Crystals are blessed to have her.

A truly faithful person, Patricia thanks God for her gifts, her husband, her family, her friends and fans for their unwavering love and support.

MelSoulTree joined The Crystals in 2002. Affectionately known as the “baby” of the group she is not new to the entertainment industry. Before joining the legendary Crystals, MelSoulTree toured internationally throughout the countries of Germany, France, Switzerland, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay singing Gospel, R&B and Jazz. She has been featured as a soloist for the prestigious Duke Ellington and Princeton Orchestras. MelSoulTree was also cast by the Billie Holliday Theatre for the musical “Raisin Hell” created by Motown legend Smokey Robinson and William “Mickey” Stevenson. Mel SoulTree holds a B.F.A. in music from the City College of New York. She  is a real showman and a powerhouse!

The Crystals have a high energy show “that keep them trim and fit” and our audiences asking for more. We keep them  wondering “can these really be The Crystals?” Dee Dee says, “oh yes I am.”

The Crystals have a new CD for you to enjoy. It includes some of the all-time favorites as well as new music.

Barbara Alston, one of the original Crystals who is also also their first lead singer, has written a book. The book is entitled “There’s No Other” and is an autobiography of her life with The Crystals and what she’s done subsequently.

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The Crystals

The Crystals perform a lot of package shows (combined acts on the bill), amphitheaters, conventions, state fairs, and outdoor parks. The audiences are getting more diverse with youngsters from 9 years old and upcoming with parents and grandparents to see the acts they hear singing in the movies that are so often utilize their music today.

The biggest thrill came to The Crystals when TV Producer Roger King asked them to perform at his birthday party at his private beach house. In the audience was Danny Aiello, Kirk Douglas, Gladys Knight and many other celebrities.

Roger came on stage to perform and dance along to “Da Doo Ron Ron,” “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “I’ll Be There,” “Hold On I’m Coming,” “Rescue Me,” “Dedicated To The One I Love,” “Be My Baby,” “Why do Fools Fall In Love,” “He’s A Rebel” and other hits. A good time was had by all.

The Crystals