Top Ten Hits
“Give it Away”
“Are you my Woman(Tell me So)”
“Bottom’s Up”
“Homely Girl,”
“There Will Never Be Any Peace (Until God is Seated at the Conference Table)”
…and many more

Number 1 on the Charts
“Have You Seen Her”
“Oh Girl”

Gold Records
From 1969 to 1974, The Chi-Lites recorded five gold records and five gold singles.





The Chi-Lites

Featuring Marshall Thompson

At the forefront of R&B Chicago scene in the 70’s, The Chi-Lites broke away from the gritty sound associated with the Windy City. They did so by creating their very own sound — smooth and distinct — that put Chicago on the R&B map, and brought the Chil-Lites a long string of top ten hits, gold singles, and gold albums. They got to that point by first gaining local notoriety after forming themselves from two local Chicago bands — much like the Stylistics had in Philadelphia — and going on to gain national acclaim.

It all started in the early 60’s when Marshall Thompson and Creadel Jones of The Desideros joined forces with Eugene Record, Robert Lester and Clarence Johnson of The Chantones, and formed the quintet known as The Hi-Lites. They changed their name to The Chi-Lites in 1964 to pay tribute to their hometown of Chicago.

By 1969, The Chi-Lites had released their first national hit, “Give it Away,” which climbed to No. 10 on the R&B charts. They’d made it on a national level!

They went on to achieve massive popularity in the 70’s releasing 11 top ten R&B singles during that decade — ranging from smooth ballads to socially conscious protest songs

Their first true pop hit came with (For God’s Sake) Give More Power to the People.” They followed this with the 1972 releases of “Have you Seen Her” and “Oh Girl.” Both reached No. 1 on the R&B charts, and “Oh Girl” skyrocketed to the top spot on the pop charts.

The Chi-Lites experienced a number of member changes, always followed by the release of yet more Top Ten Hits such as “Homely Girl,” “There Will Never Be Any Peace (Until God is Seated at the Conference Table),” and “Toby.”

They went on to record gold records, gold singles and an amazing 18 Top Twenty singles! The world fell in love their “Chicago Soul” sound and they became an international sensation.

Despite their many reinventions, the magic that is The Chi-Lites survived, thrived, and became known as the pioneers of the Chicago Soul sound — ultimately impacting R&B music throughout the world.

In 2000 the Chi-Lites were inducted into Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame.

The Chi-Lites were featured in the documentary, “Only The Strong Survive,” released by Miramax in 2003.

The Chi-Lites song, “Are You My Woman”, is sampled and featured by Beyoncé under the title “Crazy In Love”. The recording also features Jay-Z. The song received a Grammy award won the Hot 100 award for most weeks at No. 1.

In 2003, The Chi-Lites song, “That’s How Long I Love You,” is found on the song “Dec 4” by Jay-Z. The song made #1 on Billboard.

The Chi-Lites appear in the 2004 70’s Soul Legends concert for PBS joined by Eugene Record. Eugene, the original lead singer and composer of the greatest songs of The Chi-Lites, including “Oh Girl,” “Have You Seen Her,” and “Coldest Days of my Life” passed away at 2am on July 22, 2005 after a long bout with cancer.

Currently, The Chi-Lites tour the world to sold-out venues with “The 70’s Soul Jam.”

Yup. They still got it!

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